Monarchy > Democracy?

Reading this title right off the bat, a democratic form of government is the best choice without a reasonable doubt. Theoretically speaking let’s assume the United States is governed by a monarchy. By assuming this, this means that the Thirteen American Colonies did not declare their independence against British Colonies. Meaning no Revolutionary War. 

What does this mean?

This means that the United States of America would not be named the United States of America, ideally it would be called British America. People may argue that just like Canada, Britain would have granted the U.S. it’s independence once they realized Britain could not maintain The Thirteen Colonies because of the geography also including the differences in culture and lifestyle in America. If Britain did not grant Canada some of it’s autonomy that would have meant the Revolutionary War would have costed Britain more money, risking debt, starvation, and the Royals in danger of losing their throne. In fact, if Britain did not grant Canada some of their autonomy North America would just be one enormous Britain territory occupied by American culture. America would also be a Commonwealth country making America one of the superpowers.

Interestingly enough, Britain ended up abolishing slavery in 1776. America ended up abolishing slavery in 1865. If The Revolutionary War never happened then slaves would have been able to obtain their equal rights as humans much sooner.

If there were not American rebels then there would not have been a Battle of Fallujah or a war within the middle east. It appears that there would a greater sense of peace if American rebels would just have accepted to dip their biscuits in hot tea and not dump the tea into the Boston Harbor.

All things considered, if America would have been dominated by a monarchy let’s just say decisions would be made much quicker, justice would take place a lot faster, and the philosophy of the citizens would be conformed to an ideology of liberalism, conservatism, and socialism.

At the end of the day, Britain is no longer a monarchy in which would have made British America a democratic rule, eventually.

Article Written by:

Madelaine Albanes 

Deadly. Brains. Animals.

Fun Fact #1

Which animal is the most deadliest animals on the top ten list of deadliest animals?

*Here’s a hint* – It’s tiny, it makes an annoying buzzing noise, and will bite you in the most peculiar places. What am I? If you guessed the obvious, a mosquito is correct.

Here’s why:

According to Bill Gates, “they carry devastating diseases. The worst is malaria, which kills more than 600,000 people every year; another 200 million cases incapacitate people for days at a time. It threatens half of the world’s population and causes billions of dollars in lost productivity annually. Other mosquito-borne diseases include dengue fever, yellow fever, and encephalitis.There are more than 2,500 species of mosquito, and mosquitoes are found in every region of the world except Antarctica.”

Which animal is the most intelligent animal?

*Here’s a hint* – it doesn’t roar, it doesn’t hunt, and it doesn’t have four legs. What am I? If you guessed a Chimpanzee, then that make you the smartest person in the world!

Here’s why:

According to Claire Maldarelli, “Chimpanzees are our closest living relatives. We share almost 99 percent of our DNA with them. It turns out that they share some of our brain power as well. In a study published in 2007, researchers gave adult chimps, adolescent chimps, and college students the same cognitive test. The exam involved remembering where a list of numbers—from one to nine—were located on a touch screen monitor.

they were asked to remember where those numbers had been and show the researchers. The adult primates and humans performed about the same. They remembered each number’s location with far better accuracy. Researchers think that these youngsters were using a type of photographic memory, which allows an individual to recall images with extremely high accuracy even if they only glanced at them for a split second.”

Which animal is the most endangered in the entire world?

*Here’s a hint* – it has spots, cute and cuddly as a cub, and loves to hunt. What am I? If you guessed an Amur Leopard then you are correct!

Here’s why:

According to One Kind Planet, “The main threats are poaching for their fur, hunting of prey species and habitat loss due to farming development, growth of cities and human induced forest fires. The small size of the population means inbreeding is also becoming a problem. Genetic diversity is low and as such individuals are at risk from abnormalities that can impact health, reproduction and survival.”

Now that we are aware of which animals are the most deadliest, intelligent, and endangered; let’s begin to wear more mosquito repellent, never underestimate a chimp, and protect our leopards.

Sources to to quotations:

Article written by: 

Madelaine Albanes


Essentials On the Run

Beauty tip: #2

**This article is great for individuals who don’t have experience traveling or is gaining traveling experience!**

Traveling can stimulate a feeling of excitement and stress all at the same time. If you are not prepared for traveling to another state or country then you will find yourself angry in a panic trying to find the nearest drugstore for your necessities. Properly preparing yourself for these situations makes your trip run a lot smoother while possibly saving you money.

Women who are traveling should pack these On the Run Essentials: (without carrying too much weight in your bag.) 

  • A mini travel bag that will fit your basic make-up necessities. -Do not bring 5 lipsticks-
  • mini travel mouthwash, bar soap,feminine hygiene product,mini shampoo & conditioner, one shaver. -Basically everything you would normally buy big, buy in miniature version.
  • At least two pairs of shoes, (depending on where you’re destination is.) One pair of shoes are for the daytime, your second pair of shoes are for a glamorous night out.

    *Please note* – Contact your hotel and be sure to ask which toiletries will be in your room already.

    Men who are traveling should pack these On the Run Essentials: (without carrying too much weight in your bag.) 

  • A mini travel bag that fits your facial needs ( everything in mini version.)
  • Enough underwear. ( please do not “reuse” your underwear.)
  • Matching clothing.

The key to traveling is to travel light without stressing yourself out while also making room for some souvenirs when it is time to return home. If I missed any travel essentials, please leave a comment below!

Article written by:

Madelaine Albanes

Breaking News on WWII

Every war that has been fought has a beginning, middle, and an end. The beginning of each war is important to never forget. It will prevent us from repeating history henceforth not making the same mistake that was already made in the past. Likewise, to a child getting into trouble it should be a lesson learned not a lesson repeated.

Let’s focus our attention at the beginning of WWII. Generally, we tend to drive our attention towards the middle and the end of the war consequently, we tend to forget… how in the Davie Jones locker did it even begin?  Millions of billions of souls lost to satisfy the wickedness of  One Man who supposedly, his life was spared in WWI by Henry Tandey. What event was so traumatic to start a bloody war?

Pew, pew! Rifle men shooting from the fox holes to protect themselves from on coming enemies on foot. Loud crashes of fighter planes spiraling from the sky to the ground creating a deafening ringing noise in the ears of the soldiers on the ground. Fathers, husbands, and young men are severely injured. Some are yelling to the medics, ” cease my pain! Just end me now!” Scared, anxiety filled wives, daughters, and people are back home wanting this wretched war to come to an end while pacing back and forth wondering if their letter has been received to their loved ones… but, some sit by the window curiously pondering, why did it even begin? how? What can I do to help?

The declaration of The Treaty of Versailles was a temporary appeasement to end WWI granted that Germany demilitarized their force. This appeasement lasted for a little while but during these years of “peace” in Europe, Adolf Hitler was working his way up the ranks in his career. He attracted many people to his National Socialist Germans’ Worker Party. His ability as an orator was a charm, while using empowering techniques such as banging fists on the podium and raising his fists in the air to display dominance. This seduced people in supporting his Nazi party.

Historians can argue that there is a list of reasons as to why WWII began. In order to understand this list, it must be in sequential order beginning from before when Hitler was not named Chancellor yet.

  • Hitler strategically gained power through his supporters. 
  • After President Von Hindenburg died, Hitler appointed himself as Führer over Germany. 
  • His obsession with annihilating all Jews. He was considered an anti-semitic. 
  • He denounced The Treaty of Versailles. 
  • Most importantly, the German invasion on Poland in September. 

Presently, re-winding back to WWI Henry Tandey should have shot Hitler the moment he saw him. One life was spared over mercy rule but millions of lives were lost over mercy rule. One life should have been taken to spare millions and millions of innocent people.

Overall none knew such a tragedy was going to be brought about but, ( maybe people tried to prevent because they foresaw what was ahead but was not strong enough.) all things considered; Remember why these past wars have begun, do some research and be the person to help remind everyone not to repeat history in the present.

Article written by:

Madelaine Albanes



Does Trump have an Achilles Heel?

Let’s play a game of chess- but because you are an educated individual, you allow your opponent to attempt their first move.

 Opponent: 1 -First move on the board is the pawn E4.

Opponent: 2- Replies by moving his pawn to E5.

What is happening so far? These two oppentants are strategically moving their pawns to the center of the chess board to gain central control of the game while continuing moving to ALWAYS keep their King protected.

In this example, we see two opponents trying to achieve the same goal. CAPTURE THE KING. From a political viewpoint we can assess this metaphor into understanding our Commander in Chief tactics and strategies, President Trump.

To the knowledge of conducting research on Trump’s approach to his tactics/strategies, here are a few that have been recognized by voters and the general public:

  1. Trump’s ability to Save Face. 
  2. His authoritarian behavior while carrying out a speech or debate. 
  3. Gain and maintain power.
  4. Divide and conquer.  

Referring back to the chess game, Trump uses these strategies to play his game of political chess. His complex actions reveals that he is not a true utilitarian. Moreover, Trump does not want to please everyone on this planet. His idea is to maintain power by separating the strong with the strong and mixing them in with the weak ( which are people who have different perspectives/experiences in life.)  His level of being a consequentialist is the lowest. Simply because he does not care much for the consequences of his actions.

Perhaps this is Trump’s way of being a survivalist in the world of politics. If he strays away from his image of assertiveness in his speeches/debates then other countries will know he does have a weak spot. An Achilles heel might be appropriate for him until someone hits the nerve that triggers a negative side of Trump. A side where he becomes doubtful, un-desicive, or even fearful of his enemies.

Effectively, perceiving these notions on Trump are not meant for a true understanding abut him. In reality none can truly understand each other however, labeling him the correct way and realizing his potential to his presidency would assist those who are confused on the way he operates. Those working in the media will endlessly aim to pursue his achilles heel and expose what his ice breakers are.

Article Written by:

Madelaine Abanes




Culture Shock

Xenophobia- It’s real, it’s out there, & it must be stopped.

   Phobia’s, we all have one, whether it is the fear of insects or boarding an airplane, somewhere deep down we all have a panic button and it just so happens that one of the newest phobia’s this year is xenophobia which is the “fear or hatred of foreigners, people from different cultures, or strangers.”

            This expresses a great deal of concern for the future of America and other countries. A contamination of ethnocentrism has populated the minds or even brainwashed individuals to have this phobia, an unnecessary phobia.

Certain individuals traveling or either trying to obtain a citizenship in a country don’t come with the proper knowledge that will increase the chances of a culture shock upon entering the new country where people are completely uniquely different there.

   The fear of encountering a new culture should not be denied but embraced with an open mind. For example, working in a retail store in Miami, I have come across many people who don’t understand English and speak solely Spanish, on the other hand I only speak little Spanish but will try my best to accommodate for another culture, the problem persists when the Spanish speaking become mad when someone doesn’t speak Spanish and this shouldn’t be the case.

How can one person claim to love the waters of the mediterranean while enjoy sipping on tea indulging in taking a stroll in a park in England when there is no tolerance for the individuals who are born and raised there?

    Respect should not be a phobia and that is exactly what this word is portraying. Respect for cultures who have hurt your culture, even if it is ancient history, because you are the one making that change. Respect, because not even you would want to be disrespected.

As an experienced traveler, there is one observation that has come to my attention, even if you travel to a different country and the people there don’t quite accept you at first but for as long as you are putting efforts to learn their culture and speak their language, you begin to earn their trust and that trust turns into respect.

Many times you go searching for who you are and maybe you even found out you are part African American by three percent and etc. …might you become happy at this thought because you feel empowered that your blood ties into another culture? Or do you have a problem with that culture? Why would we want to be alienated by those who come from a different background while we relate to the beauty of their sites and culture? we want to live in another country but can’t stand the smell of another person sitting next to us on the bus. Identify yourself before you alienate someone else.

We can learn new philosophies, recipes, and ways to become a better person morally. If we just shake off our xenophobic attitude. Remember, there is beauty in being different. There is beauty in the eyes of the beholder and there is beauty in what the naked eye cannot visualize but the mind can conceive if you allow yourself to.

Xenophobia- It’s real, it’s out there, & it must be stopped.

Article written by: 

Madelaine Albanes

Coconut’s Magic

Beauty Tip: #1

Attention! Ladies & Gentlemen who struggle with thin hair. There is great news for you! Extra Virgin coconut oil will strengthen your roots while hydrating your scalp to your split ends.

My testimony on this beauty tip is that it actually works! I have been doing this for over 6 years. My hair become shiny, thicker, and longer.

Here’s how to apply the oil:

Step 1: refrigerate oil overnight then let it sit for a few hours to melt in it’s container.

Step 2: Apply to dry hair before showering. This is also a good time to apply to your skin. Be sure give your scalp a deep massage with the oil.

Step 3: Wait about 20 minutes for the oil to settle in your hair.

Step 4: Allow the shower to steam with hot water while massaging your scalp some more. Then turn the water to lukewarm and begin to rinse out the oil.

Step 5: Apply shampoo rinse then apply conditioner throughly.

When you step out of the shower towel or blow dry your hair. Do this 2-3 times a week for immediate results. Depending on how thin/damaged your hair is. This oil is also great for growing long hair.

Don’t hesitate buy some magic today 😉

Comment below for any questions or results you have this beauty tip!

Beauty Tip written by:

Madelaine Albanes

X-mas Hoax: Explained

‘Tis the season to be jol- to be a shopaholic. Fa la la la, ’tis the season to become broke. Fa la la la, tis the season for your electric bill to sky rocket.

So many tis the seasons but so little truth. That’s because the truth is masqueraded by tasty Christmas cookies, sparkling lights, that warm fuzzy feeling of decorating the fresh pine scented Christmas tree while your dog supervises you decorating it, and ho ho ho! We mustn’t forget! The whole central idea, the man who never dies.. Santa Claus!

I hereby expose this Santa Claus. He has been using tactical propaganda to assist shopping malls while making other companies tag along in buying GIFTS. Let’s take a look at an estimate of how many Americans shop for GIFTS during Christmas time, alone.

According to an article by Investopedia, “a study performed by the National Retail Federation, Americans will be spending more money on gifts in 2018 than they did last year. Gallup reports that US adults estimate that they will spend approximately $885 on gifts this year, slightly lower than 2017’s expectations. Below is an average of a range of findings:
33% expect to spend at least $1000 on gifts.

  • 22% expect to spend between $500 and $999.
  • 29% expect gift spending to be between $100 and $499.
  • 3% plan to spend less than $100.”

This doesn’t include impulse buys and overspending. Let’s think about this financially. Families with children who have no choice but to buy at least 3 GIFTS for their kids are forced to spend money, (unless they have been naughty) if they have 3 kids then that would be added 9 gifts (depending on how expensive they are, but let’s assume they are expensive GIFTS.) Let’s say that’s already a good $300 spent on Christmas shopping not including other Christmas shopping.

Instinctively, when people see an original priced item for $100 and it is on sale for $30, we become more attracted to that item, we persuade ourselves that we need this item when in fact we don’t. We are just convinced by the pricing and that my friend is hot lava you are stepping into. Start off the New Year with saved money instead of an empty bank account. Younger people typically do not save money, they spend while older individual save their money. Do not allow ” Santa Claus to steal your money and save it in his big bag of “toys.”

In conclusion, how can we spend less this holiday season? Read these solutions.

  • * Stray away from shopping malls.
  • * Purposely leave your credit card at home.
  • * Only buy GIFTS that people will use and are for a reasonable discount.
  • * Budget yourself.
  • * If you have kids, limit only 2 gifts per child. Or whatever works for you and your families budget.


Read more about Holiday shopping at:

Article written by:

Madelaine Albanes

Moving Up the Hierarchy

I dare you to be a leader today. I dare you to lead a crowd of strangers into success. Do you accept my dare?

“Ahem, allow me to introduce my alter ego”, said one of the not so confident college students who started the Fall semester taking an advanced public speaking class… Actually allow me to correct that statement, this quoted statement was said in the secured mind of the not so confident college student. Although it was time for his first technical speech, he knew deep down in his brave heart he was born a LEADER!

But, a feeling of doubt was holding him back. It wasn’t until his superhuman professor looked him dead in the eyes and told him ” YOU ARE POWERFUL, YOU HAVE A FIRE INSIDE YOU.” Right after the student heard this, he wiped his sweat off the palm of his hands and said in aloud in a whisper voice ” My name is Umberto Jimenez & I AM POWERFUL, I am Umberto the Great!” He took a strong deep breath, walked straight to the front of the board and began to roar his speech away, receiving an A+ that day.

If you have read this far, all I have to say to you is, YOUR INNER LEADER HAS BEEN ACTIVATED. However, I suffer from a broken heart. 😦 My heart pangs me every time I see a person sitting by themselves looking depressed, not believing they can be more, and most importantly sitting by themselves with no ambition. My example above is a real life example. After that day, Umberto conquered all of his presentations, he became a new confident man. All it took was for him to cross his threshold of conformity.

How do we do this?? Look in the mirror and proclaim you are a leader. Wipe away your negative thoughts, look in that mirror and begin your day with an objective. It doesn’t matter if you are not the prettiest. Beauty fades while your leadership stays. If you were to die today, allow someone to say at your grave ” OH! How I long for his reign!” 

There are different types of leadership traits along with different types of leadership styles.

  • Leadership styles= ethical, referent, empathic, action, legitimate, and coercive power.
  • Leadership traits= generous, charismatic, authoritative, loyal, honest, admirable, respected, team player.

The list goes, get to know yourself, discover the leadership traits you didn’t know you had inside of you. Take an online quiz. Only YOU can make a change in who YOU want to be. Start right now.

Article written by:

Madelaine Albanes

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